Physio Therapy:
Frequently Asked Questions

What is physiotherapy?

Physical therapy is a science-based profession that focuses on on your well-being as a whole instead of on individual ailments.

What do physiotherapists do?

Through assessment, diagnosis and the planned treatment of injuries, physical therapists help you prevent injuries and/or get back on your feet again after an accident takes place.

Can physical therapy help my back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common complaint of clients who find their way to physical therapy. As we age, we settle into less ideal posture, and experience the weakening of muscles. Through this process, especially if one leads a sedentary lifestyle, back pain can occur. The short answer to this is, yes, physical therapy can alleviate back pain!

How many appointments will I need?

This varies from patient to patient. Acute (sudden and often non-recurring) injuries require fewer treatments for recovery than chronic illnesses. In the case of a chronic illness, physiotherapy may be a permanent part of your life.

What should I wear to an appointment?

Loose-fitting clothing is the best option. If you have chronic pain in a large area, please wear whatever makes you most comfortable. If you have acute pain in a specific smaller spot, make sure you allow for mobility in that area, and make it easy for your therapist to access it. For example, if you have a shoulder injury, a tank top or other sleeveless shirt will be most beneficial to your therapy.

Why should I give physical therapy a chance?

Physical therapy can help in every aspect of life, at every stage of your life. If you are looking to stay mobile and prevent injuries, we're here to educate and assist you. If you have been hurt in an accident we can help you recover. If you experience chronic pain, we can make you feel like your best possible self. Physical therapy is one of the greatest ways to keep your body functioning at its highest level.

Do I have to have a sports injury to enroll in physiotherapy?

It is a common misconception that physical therapy is intended only for athletes and those suffering from activity-based injuries. Physical therapy is applicable to anyone, at any stage in their life. In fact, those in a sedentary lifestyle can reap immense rewards from physiotherapy in the form of fitness and prevention of chronic illnesses such as arthritis.

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